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Central Coast Kenpo Karate is where people of all ages learn to develop life skills with the help of the martial arts, our total character development program helps children of all ages on learning Respect, Focus, Confidence, Fitness, Goal Setting Skills, and Leadership Development. We are a family-oriented school. Parent do you want your child(ren) to overcome their fears such as public speaking? or how to confidently deal with bullies and peer pressure? or improving grades and self-motivation to develop good habits? Well, here at Central Coast Kenpo Karate we have develop fun teaching tools, to motivate children to improve themselves! We look forward to helping you reach your goals. Come and visit us and take a free week course with CCKK where black belt character is developed.  


About the Instructor's

Daniel Perez 6th Degree Black Belt

Daniel begin his training in Martial Arts when he was about 5 1/2 Years old he has over 20 years in his training and over 10 years of teaching experience. Daniel has competed in international and national tournaments as well as placed and won championships in Forms, Sparring ,and self defense! With his infectious positive energy evertime he teaches, makes learning the Martial Arts fun, and exciting for all ages! Mr. Perez is a certified Instructor when it comes to teaching Leadership and Character Development

Jenny Perez 4th Degree Black Belt

Jenny began her training in the Martial Arts when she was 15 years old since then she has been involved with teaching children and adults for about 10 years now. Jenny is a top notch instructor as well as a competitor, she’s competed in many tournaments and has placed in every tournament she’s competed in. Mrs. Perez a professional in teaching the 4yrs-5yrs bracket to help young children learn Focus, Self Control, and Listening Skills. With high level of patient, helps translates into a skill we all strive for.

Want a positive change in your child's life ?

Here at Central Coast Kenpo Karate we are a Professional Leadership and Charater Development Martial Arts School specializing in helping children of all ages. Life skills such as Self Confidence, Eye and Ear Focus, Self Esteem, Team Building Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Self Discipline, Respect, School Grade Improvment, Perseverance, Goal Setting Skills, and much more!! Did you know How Powerful The Benefits of doing the Martial Arts can make an impact on children and adults? They are Incredible! Here at Central Coast Kenpo Karate we have a system in place to help student’s overcome their obstacles, to learn how to be Self Motivated to becoming better with themselves. Parent’s these are just a few of the many long term benefits your children will be learning with our Leadership and Character Program.

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Our Testimonials

My daughter has been going to this school for three years and I can see the confidents it has given her and a sense of responsibility. She does have a rough patch here and there, but she likes coming to class. Eventually, she works through her struggles and gains more skills and confidents. The instructors are wonderful and work with the kids and the parents. You can tell they really care about each kid and they do their best to work with them. The environment they make is a safe and friendly one. It's amazing to see the kids helping each other out despite age or belt rank. I'm happy and thankful that I found this school. "Stanze Lopez-Marcon"

All I can say is that I love Central Coast Kenpo Karate. I was on the fence about having my daughter start doing karate because she was shy and very quiet. The first few classes were a little rough and I thought she last maybe a month or so. But my daughter proved me wrong. Here she is now a brown belt and working towards her junior black belt. Which is one of her goals to get that belt. We've been with this karate school for a while now and her instructors are amazing. Mr. & Mrs. Perez are very knowledgeable and professional. They run a great program for the whole family. "Sarah Mclean"

when my sisters you, may know them "Andrea'" and "Angie" started going to karate, I was just going in to watch them. I haven't joined at the time. Mrs. Perez actually pushed me/ motivated me to join. I was 14 at the time I was unsure, I didn't know if I wanted to join or not, eventually I did. That is also why you may see why my younger sisters are higher belts then me. We practice together, and help each other out. There was a time when I wanted to quit karate I was going to be an advance yellow belt, but Mr and Mrs. Perez didn't give up on me and now on Saturday August 28 2021 I will be pretesting for my brown belt. I am so excited and nervous. I am so grateful that they did not give up on me and pushed me through. In central coast kenpo karate you not only learn how to defend yourself. You also learn leadership, honor, respect, confidence and more, we sometimes do fun activities like board breaking, water balloon fight and etc. If you are thing of joining please join we will be so happy. Here we are all like one big family "Kimberly Diaz Avila"

I Highly recommend Central Coast Kenpo Karate School. Instructors Mr. And Mrs Perez are very kind, knowledgeable, respectful, patient and humble people. They helped my child and husband in self defense, Discipline and confidence. I can say that because I've seen a major change in them. Instructors are always helping and I've noticed they have the patience for all age groups. That's a must! and they do great at it.! It's a nice and comfortable family oriented school. Your children will not get bored at all, Instructors make it fun for them to learn. And their is always great help. Staff are amazing and school is always being disinfected. I love Central Coast Kenpo Karate. Angela Ramirez

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